Niku Katsumata 肉勝又, Singapore

The Duxton estate quietly welcomed a grilled meat restaurant originating from Ebisu, Tokyo – Niku Katsumata Singapore.  The restaurant pride themselves in offering quality Wagyu beef grilled over a crystal hotplate. During our visit they were having a $38++ A4 Wagyu beef set menu (wine in my picture is not included).

As per Japanese hospitality, warm towels were served upon being seated. We started our meal with an assortment of appetizers: Japanese pork prosciutto, kimchi and seasoned bean sprout, pickled cucumber and Chinese cabbage salad topped with seaweed.

While we were enjoying our appetizer, the staff heated up the crystal hotplate. Out of curiosity, I asked the staff if the plate would be blazing hot since crystal does not seem to be a good conductor of heat. She actually asked me to feel it for myself gently. The plate was at most lukewarm when I touched it, but the low heat was warm enough to cook the beef without drying it out. Another advantage of grilling beef over crystal plate? You can be assured that you would not leave the restaurant with the greasy smell.

The staff were there to help us grill the delicate wagyu to ensure that they were cooked to perfection. It would be a waste for inexperienced guests to spoil the beef by overcooking it. To me, the juicy and tender beef could be enjoyed on its own without the need for the condiments.

We also tried the ala carte A4 Wagyu Donburi with Urchin and A4 Wagyu Donburi with Ikura – both at $25++ each. The thinly sliced beef tataki had a melt-in-your-mouth texture which paired well with the rich buttery urchin.

For a lighter taste, pair the tataki with the savoury ikura which pops in your mouth. I must say the wagyu don is pretty value-for-money as we could enjoy the don in 2 ways: as it is or you could add a broth to turn it into Ochazuke.

Admittedly the beef portion was pretty small, but we were really satisfied with the quality of beef served. The beef here is making me miss Japan

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Wimbly Lu (Tyrwhitt)

Looking back at my posts for the last few months, it was apparent that I hadn’t got the chance to visit new eateries during lunch hour. Perhaps after a spurt of new cafe openings around Lavender area, it has reached a rather saturated state. Then we spotted a Wimbly Lu (Tyrwhitt) – the original branch is well-known in Serangoon area for their desserts and this outlet is one of their offshoots.

The menu comprised of a selection of All-day dining items and Breakfast items, along with a large section dedicated to Desserts.

Lovely sky well decorated with many hanging plants towards the back of the shop and provided good daylight. Very quaint feeling until a large group of chattering diners joined us.

Although we had intended to try out their desserts, after I finish the Seafood Baked Rice and a Cuppa, I was too full for desserts. Perhaps the cheese from the baked rice and milk-based coffee were too heavy for me. And sadly these 2 items were too ordinary that I would advise folks to enjoy a meal from the great kopitiam options nearby before dropping by if you wish to try their desserts.

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Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei

As with other newly opened eateries by Keisuke group, their latest venture of Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei attracted perpetual queue to get in since it’s grand opening in March 17. We had passed by the outlet on several occasions, on various timings – sometimes prior to its evening service/sometimes during lunch. But there is always a crowd waiting along the walkway of the shophouse unit.

Perhaps it was already way past usual dinner time, when we saw that there was no queue outside the shop. We thought our eyes were playing tricks with us – are they closed for the day? To our surprise, they are open and we were shown to our seats immediately! Yippee!

Unlike the ramen nor gyoza restaurant concept by Keisuke, this new restaurant adopted a semi-buffet concept. With each main course ordered, diner is able to enjoy free flow salad bar and egg service. There are 6 types of eggs available and most are freshly prepared at the live station.

The main – hamburg set itself is only available in 2 variety: Keisuke Prime Beef Hamburg Steak Set or Triple Cheese Prime Hamburg Steak Set. But you would get to choose from 5 types of sauces to go with your steak: Original, Teriyaki Mayonnaise, Demiglas, Oroshi Ponzu.

We tried both types of patty but didn’t quite like the cheese filling one. The cheese was too bland and added gelat-ness (over-cloying feeling). Both the patties were moist, but it crumbles quite a bit when we eat them.

I dare say I enjoy the variety from the salad bar and egg service more than the hamburg itself. The portion of beef patty was rather filling for ladies (but good for guys) and I was stuffed by the time we finish our late dinner. Do not forget to save some space for fruits from the salad bar before you take your leave from the restaurant.

Although I enjoy beef, I’m not that attracted to eating beef patties. I would prefer if they could also introduce beef steaks served on their hotplates if they could expand their menu.

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Butahage Singapore

I’m not a pork person but was impressed with Buta Don which I tried during trip to Japan. Happy to find Butahage Singapore located in Liang Court – where one can find many Japanese products from Meidi-Ya supermarket due to a relatively high concentration of Jap expat around the area. The mart is also my go-to place for good quality Jap imported produce.

Happened to spot this place after shopping and decided to buy a takeaway Butadon. The pork slices were tender and juicy with a nice texture. Beside, compared to Katsu don, I thought this non-fried but grilled pork slices may be a healthier option?

I was also happy to find Warabi Mochi at Dolce & Studio which is available in limited quantity every day. The warabi mochi trend seem to be slowly but surely appearing on Singapore shore as increasingly it can be found in many dessert cafes. However not all warabi mochi are created equal – some better in quality than others. I must say this version here is one of the better ones around. =)

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A hectic work schedule meant the need to drop-by for a drink even if it’s only the second work day of the week…We visited Bar.Celona – a bar opened by folks who are importers of Cava from Barcelona, therefore the price of the Cava here are kept relatively affordable.

We were in for a surprise when we discovered that their Fresh oysters with cocktail sauce are on special offer every Tuesday at $20++ for a dozen! It’s an offer that’s hard to resist.

We added a dozen of oysters to our selection of tapas dishes: Bikini sandwich, Garlic Prawns, Spanish croquette and a main dish – Roasted beef cheeks. The oysters were definitely a steal if you visit them on Tuesdays as the quality was pretty good. Amongst the tapas dishes, the two more notable ones were the bikini sandwich that had a great crisp toast and the tender beef cheeks.

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Patbingsoo Korean Dining House

Located in Plaza Singapura, situated right next to the escalator in B2. The rather open and awkward open-top location where Patbingsoo Korean Dining House occupies often had me wondering “what if someone dropped something from the escalator or the level above into my food?!“. Nonetheless this seems to be the least of other diners’ concern as there is often a long queue to dine at the eatery.

Although I’ve seen many instagram photos of the signature dish – Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs, we didn’t try that dish as we were trying to save stomach space for the dessert – the dish that lured me here. So we went for the simple dish of Tteokbokki and Ramyeon.


The tteokbokki was served on a hotplate which made it taste even spicier than it already was. However I thought the gravy was a tad too watery.

The ramyeon was served in a aluminium pot placed over a mini food warmer rack. The fun presentation not only made it look appealing but served practical purpose as the soup was kept hot throughout our meal.

Last but not least, the key highlight of my meal was the Sinsa Patbingsoo Rock Melon, Pat (red bean paste), Cornflakes, NataCoco, Vanilla Ice Cream.  This was certainly a dessert meant for sharing as it was too huge to be finished by one person. I loved sweet rock melon and the crunchy cornflakes created a rich texture in addition to the smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream. As one digs in further, you’ll find more generous ingredients hidden underneath. I certainly appreciate this type of bingsoo more than the usual ones typically filled with mostly iced shavings.

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Shabu Shabu Gyu Jin

After a draining week, it’s finally FRIDAY!!! I decided to reward myself as well as take the opportunity to load my body with more proteins by enjoying an All-you-can-eat buffet at Shabu Shabu Gyu Jin at the 100AM outlet.

There are 3 types of courses offering different quality of beef along with varying duration. You can also choose between Shabu Shabu (choose from 5 types of dashi) or Sukiyaki.

We opted for the Australian-Wagyu course with kelp dashi and yuzu salt dashi. On each table, they provided 3 different sauces to pair with the meats: ponzu, gomadare (sesame), and spicy gomadare. I particularly enjoy the citrusy and refreshing ponzu sauce. There is also a vegetable counter filled with a good variety of greens – I especially liked Tang Oh~

The first round of meat served included Beef, Pork Ribs, Pork Loin and Chicken Thighs. I must say we were really satisfied with the quality of the meat. However when we asked for additional portions of the beef, we were made to wait quite a while for it to be served. In addition, the top-up ones were obviously of a different quality. I didn’t even bother to take a picture of the 2nd round of meat but you could imagine the beef slices to be served on the tray like “sails” as they were visibly more frozen and harder… Although we tried to let it defrost longer…sadly they were not as good as the ones served earlier…We even had to ask the staff whether we were served “Australian Wagyu” and why it was different from earlier round? We didn’t get a good explanation except the confirmation that yes those were Australian Wagyu

Despite the not-so-satisfactory 2nd round of beef served, we felt that for the price we paid – the quality of meat served was still quite value-for-money. At least we made the right choice not to pay $72.90 for Japanese First Class Wagyu…

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