Tired of eating in at home, hobbled out to have a comforting meal at PerBacco. The place is usually popular on Fridays packed with folks chilling out for the weekend. Thankfully on the day of our visit, the restaurant was not too crowded. I was conscious that herbal medicinal wrap on my ankle would affect other diners…

Started our meal with warm bread with great olive oil with vinaigrette dip and appetizer of Stewed mussels in white wine sauce. We were not only happy with the plump and juicy mussels, the white wine sauce had us slurping up every drop of it.

If you think the portion looks small at first glance, don’t fret. What I had was actually 1/4 portion of the full plate.

The pasta at PerBacco are available in 2 sizes: Full and Half portion. We ordered the half portion and the staff was kind enough to offer splitting the half portion up for each of us.

Although the two pasta looked to be coated in similar white cream sauce, they tasted real different. The Linguine with langoustine and zucchini in light gorgozola sauce had strong Parmesan cheese taste and more savoury than the Pennette with lobster meat and egg yolk cream “carbonara” style which tasted more milky.

I was particularly impressed by the texture of the pasta, it certainly didn’t taste like those “off-the-shelf” kind. Even if it was, it was of really good quality. The staff told us that some of the pasta they serve are homemade, but I was not sure if the ones I had was one of them.

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Trapped at home with limited mobility, I needed some happy food to lift my mood…So I decided to order some cakes from Suzette and have them delivered to me. Suzette located at Esplanade is a sister restaurant of Lola’s Cafe (in Kovan). I recalled attempting to visit Lola when they were making a splash in the cafe scene and during a weekday lunch we had to physically queue in line and told to wait for 30 mins for a table. Since then I did not make any attempt to revisit them.

Thankfully I could wait in the comfort of my home while the tasty treats get sent to me.

Ordered the Lychee Rosewater Cake Slice and White Chocolate Durian Tart. Paired the lovely cake with a cup of freshly brewed Gyokuro. I was mesmerised by the soft Swiss meringue buttercream which was perfumed with mild rosewater flavour. The sponge cake was light and fluffy, with bits of lychee fruit sandwiched between the layers. This somewhat reminds me of the old school buttercream cakes but in a much more elegant fashion.

The White Chocolate Durian Tart has a vanilla tart biscuit base topped with durian cream covered with torched italian meringue. Being a fan of Goodwood Park Hotel’s durian pastry creations (post), I must say this tart lives up to my expectation in terms of taste. However this might be a tad too pricey at $13 per piece.

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Many of the eateries within the CBD area only operates during the weekday for practical reasons, Ho-Jiak is also one of them. During this period where I was trapped at home on a weekday, I got the chance to try their food using delivery service.

The Japanese Rice Bowls had option of: Oven-Roasted Chicken Leg, Pork Shoulder Shabu, Beef Shabu, Chicken Karaage and even Cold Tofu with Roasted Sesame Dressing for Vegetarians.

Pictured here was the Double Goodness with Chicken and Beef Shabu and I tried my best to keep the ingredients intact as I plated them into the bowl at home. I’m not sure if they also kept the gravy separate if we were eating at the restaurant, but I appreciated their effort to keep it in another cup when it was delivered to me. The portion of curry given was really generous.

The roasted chicken had a nice glaze and good char. Juicy and tender, the chicken meat very much outshone the Beef Shabu.

Note that the place only serves the Japanese Don during the day as they serves beers/whiskies by night.

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Dapper Coffee

Most of my posts were actual visits to the eateries or restaurants, but the next few posts would be on delivered food as I suffered temporary incapacity of my foot…I also made use of the chance to try some food establishments that I could not taste while I am in office.

First, I need something to cheer me up after suffering the the pain of a sprained foot and the prospect being trapped at home for the next few days…It was a good opportunity to order the turquoise coloured Unicorn Tears from Dapper Coffee.

While the unicorn tears tasted largely like any sweetened lemonade, the effect from shaking the bottle and staring at the swirls from the silvery glitters can be rather therapeutic.

Although the Gold Brew was not as IG-worthy due to the less eye-catching colour, it offers value in a more practical way – in the form of the coffee caffeine I derive after drinking it.

So depending on whether you are a daydreamer or someone who has a pragmatic soul, there would be one suitable for you~ I’m pretty tempted to add a shot of vodka into the Unicorn Tears, but was under instructions to avoid alcohol while nursing my sore foot…

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At The Myo

At The Myo is the upgraded version of pasta stall formerly known as Sebastian’s Fusion Cuisine.  Previously located in the coffeeshop nearby and having tried their pasta before, we were certain that they offered good quality at affordable price. However one of our key gripes was the relatively early closing time while they were at the coffeeshop. Now that they shifted into a place of their own, they have longer opening hours (till 9pm versus 7pm in the past) which made it more accessible to folks who tend to have late dinner (like me!).

The place offers affordable pasta by running a tight ship, therefore it is a no-frills self-service place. I tried their Prawn linguine with uni cream sauce, topped with tobiko and local-fusion dish Hae Bi Hiam Linguine. The prawns used were fresh and the pasta had good texture. The Hae Bi Hiam pasta was pretty spicy and I didn’t like the addition of bacon. I’m a Hae Bi Hiam fan and will always be keen to order Hae Bi Hiam at porridge stalls or even confectionery if they have Hae Bi Hiam bun. It was a pity that this pasta version was not my cup of tea.

During our first visit, the Beef Don was sold out. We got to try it on our second visit. I found it odd that they have Don in their menu since their focus was initially pasta. But I guess it gave non-pasta eater an option. The beef was tender and the gravy was not too savoury.

I could feel my taste buds being stimulated just by looking at the bright orange coloured soup of the Tom Yum Prawn Spaghetti. The soup pasta was a good fusion attempt which was well composed. You might feel that it was simply just Tom Yum Soup + Spaghetti, but there was subtle tweaks made such that it was not too overwhelmingly “Thai”.

Not sure how the prawn paste wings made it into their menu, but I was excited to see it available at the place just when I had a craving for it!

At the time of writing this post, I must have visited them more than twice and I could affirm that they had always delivered perfectly cooked pasta.

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Hana Restaurant

Hana Restaurant gained much attention from their ingenious idea of transforming the plain old noodles into “Flying Somen”. For months the restaurant enjoyed booming business with long wait times.  After waiting for the trend to die down I finally got the chance to try it without having to endure the queue.

However instead of the beautiful stacked bamboo steamer that I saw from the tsunami of instagram photos, mine was served in a wooden “scoop bowl” with the truffle dipping sauce served separately…so much so for the “instagram marketing”…

Texture wise the somen was well-handled as it remained firm and not too soggy. But the dipping sauce was pretty ordinary. If not for the novelty factor of the way it was presented, it could have been an ordinary somen…

I was more impressed with the Lobster Mayo Tacos and Pitan Tampura Maki.

The tacos were crispy and filled with generous portion of the lobster mayo topped with bright orange ebiko. The pitan tempura maki was unique as most of the Japanese dish only featured pitan with tofu. This maki was innovative as it used the same key ingredients but paired it with sushi rice.

The restaurant seemed to be constantly evolving and making new additions to their menu so as to sustain the hype using new food trends.

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Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, 2017

The Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 awards ceremony was held on 21st Feb in Bangkok. Top honour went to Gaggan – consecutive wins for 2015, 2016 & 2017 !!!

Here’s the Top 20 list with links to posts for those that I had visited before, the ranking for 2016 and changes in ranking:

1. Gaggan – Bangkok, Thailand (visited in Oct 15, my post) [#1,  ↔]
2. Restaurant Andre – Singapore (visited in Nov 11, my post) [#3,  up 1]
3. Amber – Hongkong, China (visited in May 11, my post) [#4, up 1]
4. 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana – Hongkong, China [#13, up 9]
5. Nahm – Bangkok, Thailand (visited in Jul 13, my post) [#8, up 3]
6. Narisawa – Tokyo, Japan (visited in Feb 13, my post) [#2, down 4]
7. Nihonryori Ryugin – Tokyo, Japan [#5, down 2]
8. Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet – Shanghai, China [#7, down 1]
9. Odette – Singapore (visited in Jul 16 Takazawa x Odette collab, my post) [Highest new entry]  *first tried Chef Julien’s cooking when he was in JAAN (visited in Mar 13, my post)
10. Burnt Ends – Singapore (visited in Apr 14, my post) [#14, up 4]
11. Den – Tokyo, Japan (visited in Feb 17, my post) [#37, up 16]
12. L’Effervescence – Tokyo, Japan (visited in Feb 17, my post) [#16, up 4]
13. Sühring – Bangkok, Thailand [New Entry]
14. Florilège – Tokyo, Japan [One To Watch, New entry]
15. Mingles – Seoul, Korea [#15, ↔]
16. Les Amis – Singapore (visited in Sep 12, my post) [#12, down 4]
17. Lung King Heen – Hong Kong, China [#10,  down 7]
18. Quintessence – Tokyo, Japan (visited in Feb 13, my post) [#20, up 2]
19. Bo Lan – Bangkok, Thailand (visited in Jul 13, my post before they relocated to current premise) [last ranked in 2015, re-entry]
20. Waku Ghin – Singapore (visited in Sep 14, my post) [#6, down 14]

Other restaurants in this year’s top 50 that I had visited before includes:

21. Issaya Siamese Club – Bangkok, Thailand (visited in Oct 15, my post) [#19, down 2].
23. Corner House – Singapore (visited in Mar 16, my post) [#17, down 5]
27. Tippling Club – Singapore (visited in Oct 14, my post)  [#31, up 4]
31. Eat Me – Bangkok, Thailand (visited in Jul 13, my post) [#23, down 8]
44. Shinji by Kanesaka – Singapore (visited in Sep 13, my post) [#21, down 23]
50. Takazawa – Tokyo, Japan (strictly speaking not counted as I dined in Singapore when Chef Takazawa visited for collab with Odette) [#24, down #26]

The restaurants that I visited before but dropped out of the 2017 list:

Robuchon Au Dome – Macau (visited in Jun 15, my post)
Iggy’s – Singapore (visited in Sep 11, my post)
Wild Rocket – Singapore (visited in Jun 15, my post)
Cuisine Wat Damnak – Cambodia (visited in Nov 12, my post)

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