The Queen & Mangosteen

Was really there more to try their Archipelago beers. Was drawn instead by their interesting coasters once I was there.

Since its a British Gourmet Pub, I ordered their fish & chips. The size of the battered fish is juz nice for ladies and the fries nicely placed in a mini bucket. The mayo dip was quite refreshing & different from the usual tar-tar sauce dip.

Been back there a couple of times, cos I liked their mini burger~ look they are so “kawaii”…but I think when I requested for their mayo dip to go with the fries, we had to pay like $2 for it?!…..

The ambience of the place looks nice, but when I was there, its was usually too echoey if you were seated indoor, or too cold if you were seated half-way to the bar (cos of ceiling fan) or too uncomfortable if seated outdoor (cos all high chairs)…or maybe becos I was too fussy?!

We got a miniature glass from them during one of the promotion for a world gourmet summit.

Overall for drinks, we’ve tried the iconic British cocktail  – Pimm’s & Lemonade and a signature craft beer – Straits Pale, Archipelago Samui… IMO their drinks are only so-so.

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