Ganko Hiranogo Yashiki, Osaka

This Ganko japanese restaurant was located in a mansion originally built by a wealthy merchant Tsujimoto in the early Edo era. It was later renovated to become a Japanese restaurant which offers great dining experience.

It has a beautiful Japanese garden inside the mansion, which allows customers to enjoy the well manicured garden scenery while enjoying the Kaiseki cuisine.

The top half of the photo below shows the area which we were seated to enjoy our meal, while the bottom hlaf of the photo shows the garden feature we get to see from inside the eating area.

I was intrigued by the lockers used to put our shoes when we changed into the slippers provided. The “key” is a wooden tag which had different slots designed and you can only open the locker when it matches the lock.

As this is a post-dated post, I can’t really remember exactly what I had. But the Kaiseki cuisine were presented in their natural taste, dishes were beautifully arranged but not quite suit my taste…


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