Arima Grand Hotel, Kobe

Another post-dated post as I was going through some of the old photos.

Arima Grand Hotel is an onsen resort hotel in Kobe.

Dinner at the hotel was a sumptous dinner.

This meal I can list down what I had eaten cos they provided an English menu =)

  • Shokuzenshu – Yuzu sour wine
  • Zensai – Delicate arrangement of seasonal Japanese fish and vegetables
  • Sashimi – Freshly sliced snapper, tuna, shrimp, rudderfish and sea urchin served with Wasabi and in-house blended soy-sauce
  • Takiawase – Japanese vegetables (conger, eel, taro-potato, Japanese bean, tofu skin, wheat gluten) simmered in clear fish broth
  • Suimono – Pike eel and Mattsutake mushroom in clear fish broth
  • Aibachi – Deep fried shrimp buns, topped with starchy sauce
  • Shiizakana – Japanse black cattle’s marbled steak and vegetables served with in-house blended Ponzu sauce
  • Yakimono – Grilled soft roe and goosefish liver with Miso cheese sauce in citrus fruit pot
  • Agemono – Crab tempura with vegetables
  • Shokuji – Steamed rice served with various Japanese vegetable pickles
  • Tomewan – Miso soup with Japanese vegetables
  • Dessert – Fresh fruits

It was a long dinner with all of us dressed in the Yukata – luckily don’t need to kneel to eat! haha…Somehow, I wasn’t impressed with the dishes as well…think I dun like such cooking style whereby everything seems to be presented in their natural taste…


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