Busaba Eathai, London

Based on recommendations from one of the guide books we had, either Lonely Plant or Frommers (can’t remember), we decided to try out this Thai food place called Busaba Eathai.

Little did we know that this place actually ranked higher than Fortnum & Mason St James’s Restaurant on Tripadvisor List of Top London restaurants~ I only realised when I did a search to post this blog…

After watching Arsenal match at Emirates Stadium, we took the tube to King’s Cross St. Pancra station – to look for the famous 9 3/4 platform which all Harry Potter fans would know… thereafter we continued our journey back to London city.

Timing was just nice for dinner, thou we had to spend some time looking for the eatery which is located in one of the small alleys along Oxford Street.

The sky was pretty dark hence made it more difficult for us to find the place. And who would have figured that the signage for the eatery is spelled vertically!

Anyway, when we arrived the place was quite packed, and we were quite lucky that there’s still a place for us – which is why we ended up with seats facing the street. But its better than having to wait outside in the cold.

The 1st thing that struck me when I entered the place was “Oh my…this place is like an Ang-Moh style canteen~!” Cos seldom do I get to see Ang-Moh eatery having to “share table” like we do in hawker centres in SGP…Seeing is believing-

 We ordered the typically “safe” thai food like Pad Thai, Stir-Fried Chicken w Rice and Fried Chicken Wing as side dish. We were glad we made the right choices~ The Chicken Wing was excellent, deep fried until it was so cripsy yet not oily at all.

While we were happily enjoying our dinner, a long queue started to form outside the restaurant. Which proves the popularity of this place~ so proud that we made the right decision to dine here. =)

This meal was probably the cheapest decent meal we had in London, hence I would say its good value for $. If I’m not wrong, the damage was a modest S$60…

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