Fortnum & Mason Afternoon Tea, London

Since the custom of drinking tea originated from England, we shall indulge in an afternoon tea in London. =)

Based on recommendation from someone, we made our reservations at Fortnum & Mason (St James’s Restaurant).  The place is very popular and reservation is a must to secure a table there. We seen patrons turned away at the door when they said they hadn’t made any reservations.

Look at the pretty Tiffany Blue coloured china~ Aren’t they lovely?

We ordered the “Fortnum’s Classic Afternoon Tea” and “Fortnum’s Estate Afternoon Tea“. Seriously with the wide selection of tea in the Tea List folder to choose from, I forgotten what we chose…

Anyway, here are the sandwiches, rolls, scones, biscuits and cakes all looking pretty, served on a tiered stand.

Here’s the clotted cream with the Apricot and Raspberry preserve…goes very well with the scones~ I’m not a Jam person, but really luv the preserve they serve. Too bad, my luggage was already overweight to allow me to bring a few bottles back…

The heavenly afternoon tea was an indulgence which set us back by close to S$200 bucks in total…

Izzit worth the penny? To each his own.

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