Royal China @ Bayswater, London

Last chance in London to enjoy the delicious Chinese HK-styled food…We’ve made reservations a few days ago to ensure that we get to enjoy our dim-sum at Royal China.

This place was again recommended by the same someone. Confidence level in the recommendations dipped a bit after the slightly disappointing Roast Duck at FS (since I discovered a better one at Gold Mine on my own). But we were more assured on the quality of recommendations after the excellent Lobster Noodles at Mandarin Kitchen. Afterall Royal China is a reputable restaurant and they also have a branch in SGP at  Raffles Hotel.

The place was pretty packed for a weekday. And I noticed that the Ang-Mohs here can eat Dim Sum paired with Beer or rather I think their staple is Beer and the Dim Sum are like their fingerfood…what an interesting combi~

Here’s what I had >>

Perhaps I’ve been so pampered by the fabulous food for the past few days, this Dim Sum meal seems to pale in comparison. Not only in terms of food but also granted that service tax is imposed here, the service level certainly needs improvement. Took me a quite while before I can catch the attention of a service staff.

Overally I think this place is overrated…

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