Italiannies [Closed]

My sis has been faving about this italian pasta place which serves fantastic semi-buffet lunch. But heck…its not really that near to my office for me to go enjoy a 2-hr lunch…so decided to try it for dinner.

The place is easy to spot if you are driving along Devonshire Road instead of Somerset Road.

Haha…good that they have a bar that serve Erdinger~

They serve complimentary foccacia bread, but I didn’t quite like the vinegar used…(in fact I dun like most vinegar…)

But their mushroom soup is soooooo rich & creamy…one of the best served in such similar range eateries.

We ordered clam lombardi (which sounded like the western version of asari clam soup that we luv), which was a hugh portion~ happy as a clam~

Sad to say I wasn’t impressed by their pasta at all. Both are not to my taste…althou I tot I ordered quite “safe” dishes like Seafood Linguine & Classic Carbonara

Would probably still visit them again. Its a good alternative (thou more costly) than Pasta Mania…At least the ambience here is not bad. Cosy and quiet.

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