Ramen Craze

In 2010, there was a Ramen Craze in Singapore. With Japanense Ramen restaurants sprouting up all around the tiny island – all claiming to be authentic & hailing from Sapporro.

Many would have heard of Ajisen Ramen, I used to frequent the Scotts road outlet before it was torn down. It was located at basement 1 beside the food court. But soon the branches were multiplying fast and somehow I felt that the standards dropped.

This year, I’ve found several places which Thankfully serves more decent ramen!

1st up is my fav IPPUDO RAMEN

Luv their Shiro Tamago ramen. Soup is not too salty and their noodles are the fine Hakata style noodles.

*Those who drives can visit their outlet “Ippudo Tao” at UE Square. Its opened into late night (great for supper) and its priced slightly cheaper than the Mandarin Gallery one =)

2nd in my ranking is Shin-Sapporo Ramen

Maybe its becos they serve Hakata noodles too. I luv their Tonkotsu Ramen & since their name spelled out Sapporo, they serve Sapporo beer~ There’s a mini-can size available too, thou I usually need the normal size to satisfy my thirst. Hee.

[Update in 2014] Visited the newly opened outlet of Shin-Sapporo at Orchard Gateway basement. Somehow the quality have dropped… =(

3rd is Ramen Santouka @ Central

The soup is slightly more salty than 2 others I ranked. The ramen is the normal ramen in other restaurants. Perhaps the uniqueness is they serve a Ramen/Fried Rice combi, which is pretty filling. However need to pay extra to top up for Tamago – which is served rather cold. I usually soak the egg in the soup before eating. Egg On-sen?

These are my top 3 ramen places for now. Of course I tried several others which are worth mentioning:

Marutama Ramen @ Central (generous dose of spring onions, nice tamago)
– [Update on 23rd Jun 14]  It has been a while since I last visited Marutama, I’m happy to see that they now offer more variety of ramen.  Tried their Zenbu Ra-men Chicken soup Ramen with Aosa seaweed, Negi, Tamago, Pork Belly. Excellent egg as usual, I liked the seaweed with Negi, but find the Pork Belly, Char Siu and soup stock way too salty. Although they claimed that the soup does not contain MSG.

Marutama Ramen_01

Miharu Sapporo Ramen @ Gallery Hotel (soup too salty for my tastebud but some people swear by the taste)

[Update in 2015] Miharu relocated to Millenia Walk at #01-06.

And some others like Kusabi, Kura Ramen…(well, you get the hint..)

Hope to try Nantsuttei Ramen at Parco Millenia Walk next.

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