COVA @ Paragon [Closed]

Another discovery due to my italian food craving. Located right at the far end of Paragon, its in a hidden corner which provided a cozy eating place.

COVA is more known as a cafe serving wide array of pastries and cakes. However there’s a dish which is widely recommended based on my online search – Crayfish pasta with saffron cream sauce ($32++ each). Costly but it made up for the not-so-satisfying pasta I had at il Lido (see my earlier post).

At $32, you probably expect to see at least 1 or 2 whole crayfish, but no…the crayfish meat has been cut into small bits which allows for ease of eating. The pasta sauce is also very well done, with the right thickness.



We ordered a beef tenderloin as well for our meal. It was perfectly done as well. For $38, seems pretty reasonable.


Sadly on the day we went, the cafe was not serving Tiramisu. Hv been looking for nice Tiramisu but very few plcs serve really nice ones. Anyway we ended our meal with a Tiramisu Cake instead (which we had reserved when ordering our meal as that was the 2nd last slice).



Would really wanna try their mini-tarts & pastries next time. They look so pretty in the display shelf…

Interestingly their cheesestick, focaccia bread  & sesame crackers are available for takeaway as well. Good to buy some to store at home as snacks…

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