Located in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, this place was previously known as Pasta Cafe. It was renamed to Domani but still owned by Pokka Food.

Not sure why the change cos from the menu and my visit, seems like they serving similar dishes?!

Glad that my fav Sambal Seafood Marinara is still on their menu =)

But I ordered their set meal instead cos its more worth it. If order ala carte items, do visit them on 2nd & 4th Wendnesday of the month when they have 15% disc… but seriously I wldn’t bother to really remember.

Their menu cover was printed to look like a magazine cover ->

We top-up $3 for each drink. The mushroom soup is nice, thou I rem the caesar salad tasted nicer when they were “Pasta Cafe”.

The white stuff nxt to the lemon slice is potato…not scallops…thou initially I tot it looks like scallops…haha

The cream mushroom & salmon pasta is better than the tomato based one.

Filling meal but felt that it was slightly disappointing compared to Pasta Cafe. There are certainly better pasta cafes out there who can serve better value-for-money food…

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