The Toucan Irish Pub [Closed]

Discovered this plc ard my hse, which happens to be where SSSC (Singapore Spurs Supporters’ Club) is based.

Actually I was attracted by its Beer Garden right beside the pub. Its on a slope, and its decoration reminds me of “Hobbiton”.

Their happy hours is only Mon-Thurs & till 8pm only. Actually their hh beer rates not very “friendly” to our pockets…

Being an Irish pub, naturally they have Kilkenny & Guinness on tap, plus a Cider.

We tried Crab & Lobster Tortellini & Fried Chicken Drumlets (typcial bar snack). Their food are so-so.

I guess the selling point of this plc (other than it being SSSC base), is that you can sit outdoor in the beer garden & have a nice view of the sky & a few city skyscrapers nearby. Feels relaxing & idyllic, but I don’t feel too comfortable sitting on the benches w/o backrest…(see pic above on the slenderness of their bench seats)

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