Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

It has been some time since I got the chance to indulge in good food (partly cos hv been putting on weight…after the festive season).

Tried the “Degustation Menu” at Garibaldi.

There’s free flow of complimentary bread with a nice vinegrette dip. The bread has a crispy topping with warm soft bread underneath.

Before the meal, they also served the “Amuse Bouche”.

Now for the meal proper. Here’s the Wagyu Beef “Carpaccio”.

Hokkaido Scallop

Spinach & Potato Dumplings – very nicely done. the cheese is just right and the spinach taste is not overwhelming at all.

Between the lamb and fish, we chose the Baked Atlantic Cod. Turns out to be a good choice.  

Lastly the dessert

They have a wide selection of wine and the staff would be able to offer pairing recommendations.

Overall its a nice dinner experience with friendly and attentive staff. However don’t expect the place to be those romantic dining place as they have a bar beside the dining area. The dining crowd are mostly in groups hence giving a casual dining atmosphere.

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