KL food hunt, Part 1

Made a short weekend trip to KL. But its more like a food hunt in an attempt to taste as many variety of food where possible.

1st stop

The legendary “Char Siew” at Oversea Restoran. Legendary cos some people travelled 300+KM to KL, but was told its sold out…they ended up trying the Singapore branch instead (Singapore branch is in Beach Road, of cos its more costly here than in KL).

We were lucky to be able to reach KL in time for lunch and the 1st qn I asked the staff upon entering the place was “Still got Char Siew?”. I was glad to hear a “Yes” =)

Here’s the main lead: Char Siew & Siew Yoke.

The Char Siew was extremely tender, coated with their secret recipe of a sweet caramelised sauce. Heavenly & Irresistably Good. We ordered another portion of the Char Siew after finishing this plate!!

Other dishes ordered: Braised Homemade Tofu & Veg in Oyster Sauce

2nd stop

Lot 10 Hutong (十号胡同) @ Jalan Bukit Bintang is a foodcourt which houses several of the best local street food in KL. This foodcourt was also featured by a HK celebrity food critic – 蔡澜.

By having so many stalls under one roof, we can try as many authentic local delights as possible at one go~ thou it can be quite “siong” on the stomache…

Here’s what we tried:

#1. Bak Kut Teh

The uniqueness of this “Mao Shan Gao” Bak Kut Teh is their thick, dark and sweet soup. Quite different from those peppery & spicy light coloured ones which are commonly found in JB area. The meat is also very tender and soft. The soup goes very well with the rice.

#2. Fried Hokkien Mee

Kim Lian Kee” is well-known for their charcoal Fried Hokkien Mee. It is also known as Black Mee cos of its colour. Generally I dun really like the Singapore style Hokkien Mee which has a starchy taste, but I like this KL version!

It tastes like Fried Udon (cos of the slightly thicker noodles) with Sweet Sauce actually.

 #3. Wanton Mee

Another supposed famous stall “Ho Weng Kee” which serves Wanton Mee and Pork Rib Mee. But I’m not sure whether its becos I was unfortunate to visit them on a day whereby the quality was not there or the noodle has an acquired taste?! The sauce has a flavour which is not my cup of tea…

#4. Roast Duck

Star Duck” stall at Lot 10 is an outlet from the famous “Ducking Restaurant”.  So I gave it a try and manage to buy the last available plate of duck meat of the day. I would think it would taste better had it been served warm. The meat is a tad cold and it didn’t come with any gravy or sauce at all.

#5 Popiah

The last stall which we wanted to try was the Campbell Mini Popiah. However it was sold out by then… =(

3rd stop

For supper, we went to Jalan Alor to look for BBQ Chicken Wings @ Restoran Wong Ah Wah. Its located right at one end of Jalan Alor (a food street).

Jalan Alor has a whole row of rather commercialised Seafood Restaurants offering all-in-one dining options from Zi Char to BBQ Stingrays to BBQ Chicken Wings. Competition is stiff with a lot of promoters luring customers to their stalls.

After a long walk, we saw a billowing smoke coming up from one of the stalls. We were sure that its the one we are looking for…

We were too full to eat them at the food street hence ta-bao back to hotel to eat. The wings were slightly cold by then but they would have tasted good if eaten hot from the charcoal fire.

Continue to Part 2 >>>

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