Yhingthai Palace

Had a strong craving for Thai food for the past week and I wanted something better than the usual fix of Thai Express..So visited Yhingthai Palace @ Purvis Street.

This is not my 1st visit to Yhingthai Palace. Have been there a couple of times and their service and food has always been delightful. But boy, I was surprised by their overwhelmingly good biz!!! It didn’t cross my mind to make a reservation though its a Sat nite..I reached the restaurant at ard 7.40pm (shldn’t b the peak peak period rite?!) but unfortunately the place is full. I left my contact number on the waiting list and the service personnel told me that my table would prob be ready at 8.20pm (that’s a 40 mins wait for a walk-in customer…). My bad….for not making a reservation =(

Nonetheless, I went to jalan-jalan at nearby City Hall & Bugis before heading back the restaurant. The same service personnel saw us when we went back at 8.20pm, but our table is still not ready. However, he was very attentive and served us iced water while we were seated outside the restaurant at the waiting area (service is also what sets them apart and keeps customers gng bk)

Eventually, I was seat at 8.40pm. Despite that, I am still happy with the food & service, though in future I’ll rem to make a reservation.

Here’s what I had (& I luv the china used to serve the food~):

Tom Yum Seafood Soup – one of the rare places that I would order Tom Yum =)

Pineapple Fried Rice comes with the floss to add yourself.

My fav – Stuff Chicken Wings: Deboned chicken wing stuffed with mushroom and asparagus & deep-fried till golden & crispy. Served with sweet thai chilli~ A must-try!

Fried Kai Lan – photo not taken, ordered just to have a balanced diet. Nothing special & slightly overpriced…

Mango with Sticky Rice (Dessert) – Mangoes were sweet paired with sticky rice. The sesame seeds adds to the frangrance.

There’s another dish which was a signature dish of the place, but we didn’t order. That’s the Otah (on Menu its Seafood Mousse). You will almost see the dish on every table – easily recognisable cos it comes with 7 clay cones. 

[Updates on 19th May 2012]

Finally got to try the Otah =)

Good food, quality service but prepared to fork out slightly higher price to dine here. Come here if you feel like indulging in a tasty Thai food that is complemented by the Thai-inspired decor & ambience.  

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