Pavillion Restaurant [Closed]

Have been lazing ard for this long weekend holiday, was heading towards the usual hawker centre nearby the hse when we made an  impromptu decision to eat Dim Sum at Pavillion Restaurant while passing by the restaurant. Went at ard 1.30pm and was pleased that they serve Dim Sum till 2.30pm.

I had noticed this small-scale restaurant (hidden in Craig Place) since moving to my current place and had asked for feedback from a friend who worked nearby and had visited this place before. Comments about the place was pretty positive. 

Having visited them myself this time, I think it could jolly well be a place to consider if we need to host any casual chinese dinner for relatives & friends! Could tell that efforts had been put in its decor to bring out the Chinese-Themed ambience of the place.  

Back to the Dim Sum, they don’t really have a hugh variety – but the default items wld be “Har Kow (Prawn Dumpling), Siew Mai &  Char Siew Bao” right?

Here’s what we had:

Deep-fried beancurd rolls, Fried carrot cake (my fav dish at the plc), Siew Mai, Steamed Scallop Dumplings, Xiao Long Bao, & Porridge.

Overall its a nice place to go if I have impromptu cravings of Dim Sum since its only a stone’s throw away from my place.

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