The White Rabbit

Actually was there for a drink at The Rabbit Hole @ the outdoor garden, but was feeling hungry as well & they don’t serve their restaurant food outdoors (and they don’t serve finger food as well) hence had to move into The White Rabbit for a proper meal.

Have long read about the refurbished interior of this chapel and how romantic it is to dine there with the quaint atmosphere & warm lightings. Personally its not quite the case. *Luckily I wasn’t dere for any special occassion…I wld be disappointed with the plc if it was a specially planned trip*

Firstly, the place is way too echoey…due to the hard walls & high ceiling..Secondly, most of the diners there are in mid-large group. Hence it may get quite noisy with so many conversations on-going at the same time.

Now for the food. The menu comprises mainly Western, European fare (note: not the fine-dining type)…I would deem that its casual-dining with a slighly above average pricing.   Ok..maybe I take it that I’m paying for the complimentary free flow bread with butter, iced water & the service. The service staff were quite friendly and attentive for a casual-dining plc.

Here’s what we had:

Oysters, Wild Mushroom Risotto and Scallop Linguine with a bottle of Chianti red wine.

The oysters were ok (nothing fantastic), the wild mushroom risotto serving portion seems a little small…but the main focus is the pan fried foie gras.

Best value-for-money dish goes to the scallop linguine~! Boy, it comes with 4 relatively hugh pan seared scallops and the portion of pasta is also filling enough.

While eating in the restaurant, a tableside show caught our attention. After enquiring with the staff, we got to know that its a dessert called – Crepes Suzette (homemade crepes flambeed with Grand Marnier at your tableside). Interesting performance, though we still decided to give it a miss.

As there is a promotion exclusively for UOB Cardmembers from now till end of 2011 (i think) –  $20 return visit voucher for every $200 spent.  I’m stuck with the vouchers for the moment…cos I don’t think I’ll be back there anytime soon…

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