agnés b. DÉLICES, Hong Kong

agnés b. – the french fasion designer brand has been diversifying their business.

agnés b. DÉLICES currently only has outlets in Hong Kong & Taiwan. It was a “die-die must go” place on my itinerary!

I went to the outlet at the ifc mall, which was situated on Level 3. It’s housed within the agnés b. LA LOGGIA – first ever agnés b. flagship store in the world. Its a one-stop shop housing their FEMME, HOMME, SPORT B., VOYAGE, BIJOUX, FLEURITSE (florist), LA MANSION SUR L’EAU (travel concept store), LE PAIN GRILLE (restaurant), CAFE L.P.G (cafe) and finally the DELICES.

 agnés b. LA LOGGIA has a sky-light within the store, with good daylighting, it makes the cafe a nice place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea.

They have a total of 24 unique pralines to choose from and I bought only a 9 piece gift set as I have no intention to carry them back to SGP. Here’s the ones I had chosen: Rum Rasin Dark Chocolate, Rose & Lychee Chocolate, Hazelnut Crunch Dark Chocolate, Rose Dark Chocolate, Banana Milk Chocolate, Rasberry Dark Chocolate, Rum Creme Dark Chocolate, Red Wine Dark Chocolate & Brandy Dark Chocolate. (Hee i think i got all those that has alcohol inside…)

We got a free box of Raspberry Dragee for purchasing more than HK$500. After getting the chocolate, I even went to the supermarket near our hotel to buy a punnet of strawberries to go with the pralines =)

The pralines are really nice to see & good to eat. heavenly…*kinda regret not getting the 16 piece gift set* but they aren’t cheap…each praline cost ard S$3.

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