Mak’s Noodles (Mak Un Kee) 麥奀雲吞麵世家, Hong Kong

Mak’s Noodles was listed in Michelin’s Bibs Gourmands list in 2011. It was also recommended by a friend who visited Hong Kong before. They are famous for their extremely fine, egg noodles served with wantons in plain clear soup.

We visited the main stall in Central, whereby its situated along a rather steep road (as of most other street stalls in Central area). It was pretty accessible as we took the Central-Md-levels escalators (longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world) and exited at Wellington Street. But will need to be extremely careful walking downslope on these tricky HK streets.

This tiny bowl of noodles may look ordinary, but it sure packs lots of surprises. Firstly for the chewy & ‘al dente’ noodles and secondly the amazingly flavourful soup base! We slurped up every drop of the soup!

For HK$30 (ard S$4.70+), it is considered quite expensive for the small portion. But it was worthy to give it a try. Afterall I haven’t tasted anything close to what Mak’s Noodles is offering in SGP. =)

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