Intercontinental Lobby Lounge, Hong Kong

Touted as one of the Best Hong Kong harbourview bars, of cos we must give it a try!!!

The full height glass window with extended ceiling height, you look out onto the Avenue of Stars, with Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong skyscapers skyline…what an amazing view.

Even hotel guests are subjected to a minimum expenditure charge when enjoying a drink there…to prevent people from “table-hogging”…

They have a interesting “LED” coaster, used for my cocktail. The “LED” lights up when the drink is placed over it…*the lounge must be making huge profit to splurge on such extravagant coasters…*, they even got a mini ice bucket to chill the can of beer!!! really 5-star service! =)

A tip to visitors, this place is a gd place to go and enjoy the view comfortably if it happens to be raining or too cold out there to stroll along the Avenue of Stars.

If you can’t get enough of the HK skyline night view, you can also check-in to the hotel room with Harbourview so that you can see the HK skyline the moment you wake up & open your eyes \(^-^)/ before you head for a dip in their infinity spa pool which also has an excellent view of the HK island skyline.

So that’s a wrap for my HK trip posts.

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