West End Boutique Restaurant

I think I must have passed by this place umpteenth time in the past while studying in NUS, but have never alighted from the bus to eat here.

West End Boutique Restaurant is located at the Pasir Panjang end of South Bouna Vista Road and we were introduced to the place as someone wanted to eat Laksa for dinner (but dun want to travel all the way to Katong) plus the place must serve beer as well…

So we were there for the Laksa and we also tried their steak (as it was stated in the menu that its an award-winning steak that is better than Morton’s!)

The Laksa was served in claypot (which is a good cos the claypot can keep the Laksa warm for longer time) and it tasted good enough to satisfy the Laksa craving. The steak was quite good, considering the moderate pricing.

The location would be something which would deter me from going, even with car…Limited parking plus its pretty out of the way…but of cos if I have a Laksa craving at night, I wld probably still consider making my way there =)

*My other Laksa place at night in town area would be Prima Taste Kitchen at Centrepoint (which is much more accessible)

[Updates on 31st Mar 12]

West End will be shifting to YESS Centre (2 mins drive away old location) wef 1st Apr 12. Hope the new premise would be just as nice to enjoy the food & drinks!


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