Sarong Restaurant, Bali

Sarong was listed in Miele Guide’s Top 5 Restaurants in Indonesia (2010/11). And it sure helped that a fren who had been working in Bali “endorsed” that we’ve made the right choice to dine at Sarong. =)

  1. Mozaic, Bali (read my post here)
  2. Ku De Ta, Bali
  3. Hotel Tugu, Bali
  4. Metis, Bali
  5. Sarong, Bali

They are located at Jalan Petitenget No. 19X, Kerobokan, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia – near Seminyak (where we were staying). We’ve made reservations via email at the restaurant 1 week in advance to ensure that we can secure a table there.

Upon entering the place, there is a courtyard for outdoor dining before we reach the bar/lounge area. Since we’ve already made reservations, we were promptly led to our table. The ambience and decor of Sarong exudes opulence – from the long sash drapes, to the chandeliers and the plush seats. Sitting in the dimly lit Balinese-style hut and feeling the cool light breeze was indeed relaxing!

Having a “no young children” policy definitely helps in ensuring that every guest at Sarong have a pleasant dining experience. But we were a bit disappointed with their “No Bring Your Own Wine (BYO)” policy as the wine list there was pretty overpriced…so we end up ordering a free flow of still water at a fixed price (which was good enuf as we nd to hydrate ourselves after a long hot day)

While online reviews mentioned that the menu at Sarong is Pan-South-East Asian, I would term them “Asian-Fusion” cuisine.  Its an amalagamation of Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese cuisine with a tinged of Balinese style cooking.

The ala carte menu was catered for western dining style (due to large number of foreigners – mainly Aussies I suppose) whereby there are starters, salads, curries & mains and vegetarians to choose from.

However due to our Asian dining culture, we didn’t quite follow the “rules”. While the westerners’ style of dining is to start with a few starters to share, followed by a main course per person and ending with a dessert.  We sticked to our Asian way of dining by ordering 6 starters, 1 main course and a large bowl of rice- for all to share, and all dishes to be served together. Haha…

The waitress taking our order initially had a shock to hear tt we are ordering 6 out of the 8 starters available on the menu. But it turns out that I did my “homework” well. The starters were the highlight of the dinner rather than the main course…We were pleasantly surprised at how the chefs manage to create “Asian-fusion” starters to such perfection whereby the unique taste of each spice used complemented each other so well.

Here’s our ala carte dishes

  • Complimentary cracker
  • Pacific oysters with coriander deep fried shallots & chili lime dressing – East meets West oyster, instead of tabasco its dressed with chili lime
  • Grilled scallop with sweet crispy duck Thai basil young coconut & peanut nam jihm – scallop was tender but couldn’t taste the natural freshness as its garnished with the stronger flavoured ingredients
  • Crispy pork belly with baby mandarin ginger chili and black vinegar caramel – one of my fav dish, interesting presentation as they stacked the pork belly in jenga style and the sweet & sour sauce was freshingly tasty
  • Sichuan prawn dumplings with black vinegar & chili oil dressing – this was my fav dish for the night. Simply liked the sauce which reminds me of dan-dan noodles.

  • Salt & pepper squid with Vietnamese dipping sauce – one of the more disappointing starter, cos its too “normal” after tasting the other wonderful fusion starters?!
  • Wagyu beef perkedel with chili capsicum & shallots dipping relish – an Indonesian side dish where perkedel means “croquette”
  • Tandoori butter chicken with cashew nuts ginger & tomato sauce – not that impressive…

Despite being quite full, we can’t give up the opportunity to try the desserts hence we ended our dinner with a sample plate South East Asian desserts comprising of:

  • Black sticky rice with lychees & mango ice cream – only tasted a bit as its very filling
  • Duck egg ‘n’ ginger custard with palm sugar caramel & ginger ice cream – interesting combi but ginger taste a bit too strong
  • Deep fried sesame dumpling palm sugar peanuts & ice cream – warm & crispy
  • Deep fried bananas with coconut ice cream – my favorite in the platter
  • Young coconut jelly with crushed ice tapioca & black agar-agar
  • Strawberry sorbet

Overall its an exciting experience trying out Asian-Fusion food. The cost of the dinner is also friendly on our pockets – ard S$150 for all the above.

Will definitely recommend frens to try Sarong and I will also consider going back for their wonderful starters if I ever visit Bali again.

[Updates: 22nd Nov 11]

Sarong Bali was ranked #18 in Miele Guide 2011/2012 as Asia’s Top 20 restaurant!

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