Celina’s Gastrobar [Closed]

With the closure of Amara Shopping Centre for revamp, we have 1 less eating place to go – Blu Mist Cafe…hence had to walk ard Duxton area to explore new places to visit.

Found Celina’s Gastrobar along Duxton Road – a small shophouse unit serving light food, some beer and wine selection. I particularly enjoyed their Miso Pork Belly, soft and well grilled to the right tenderness. They also had a unique fusion dish – Laksa Pasta, which is akin to Dry Mee Pok with Laksa Sauce. The crunchy cucumber is a refreshing complement to the Laksa sauce coated pasta, giving the dish an interesting texture in your mouth.

They have recently added the Hitachino Nest Beer to their menu, which is also available at the Jibiru @ 313 Somerset. However I tried their another addition, the MOA Pale Ale Champagne Beer from New Zealand – something which I’ve not seen available elsewhere.

Overall Celina’s Gastrobar is a nice little place to have a light meal – lunch set available, or a quick dinner. Thou not a place for my usual beer nightout…

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