Soup Restaurant

Have been to Soup Restaurant a couple of times, but usually its only for their Signature Samsui Ginger Chicken plus 1 more side dish and we are full already. Had the chance to try their other dishes since we are having a family dinner today and we ordered their set meal.

Went to the Vivo City Branch, so we got a seat that can see Resorts World Universal Studio right across at Sentosa Island. Even manage to see the fireworks (at 9pm) from our seat =)

Soup Restaurant’s Samsui Ginger Chicken is not the same as the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice available in typical hawker centres in SGP. Their uniqueness lies in the ginger sauce which is to be eaten together with the lettuce used to wrap the chicken meat in.

They also serve a variety of Chinese Herbal Soup at the eatery, most of them said to have chinese medicinal properties believed by Chinese to improve overall body constitution and promote good health if drank frequently.

The Tofu Prawn, cooked in a egg and chilli sauce resembles the Famous Singapore Chilli Crab sauce. Of cos, I still prefer the Chilli Crab… =)

Sweet & Sour Pork and San Yu with Bean Sprouts are pretty standard dishes which are also commonly available at other Tze Char stall, hence nothing special.

Dishes worth mentioning are the Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves and the Four Season Bean with Shimeji Mushrooms.

The Stir Fried Sweet Potato Leaves is a favorite dish of my mum. Perhaps it brings back nostalgic memories of the good ol days whereby back in the kampungs (villages), potato leaves are in abundance and is one of the common dish eaten by most families. Nowadays, sweet potato leaves are not commonly eaten as most people prefers the Hong Kong Chye Sim and Kai Lan.

Four Season Beans with Shimeji Mushrooms is stir fried with dried shrimps – which has a strong umami aroma. The salted dried shrimps complemented the four season beans, the addition of Shimeji Mushrooms adds complexity to the texture of the dish.

Final dish, the Mee Suah is a tad too oily and we are rather full to finish up this heavy dish.

The overall ambience does gives us the feeling that we are eating in oriental inns but one grouses I had was the chair used. The traditional chinese stools had my butt hurting slightly by the end of the long dinner (cos of the number of dishes) and resulted in me having slight backache since it doesn’t have any back support…

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