Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Experience

Yarra Valley is approx 2 hrs drive from Melbourne, more known for their Pinot Noir (red grape) and Chardonnay (white grape).

We visited 5 Cellar Doors for tasting: (in order) TarraWarra, Domaine Chandon, Yerring Farm, Yering Station and Helens Hill Estate.

At both TarraWarra and Domaine Chandon, they require to pay a token for wine tasting ($8 at TW and $5 at DC) refundable on purchase of 1 bottle of wine.

At TW, we tasted a flight of tour wine and bought a bottle of Shiraz.

Over at Domaine Chandon, I was impressed by the grandeur of the Greenpoint Brasserie. After tasting their sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, ended up with a bottle of Sparkling Pinot Shiraz. Afterall Chandon is reknown for their sparkling wine.

Next we visited a family owned estate – Yering Farm. Happened to see a Cherry Blossom tree outside their cellar door. After a round of tasting, we bought a 2005 Cabernet =)

4th stop – Yerring Station was a slight disappointment as we didn’t manage to get any wine as they are not quite to our liking. Yerring Station carries quite a lot of local produce, nicely displayed in the hand-made brick building.

Our last stop was at Helens Hill Estate while heading out of Yarra Valley. Got a bottle of relatively good young Merlot at affordable price (A$18).

That’s the end of my Yarra Valley trip. Its nice and relaxing, to overlook at the vast valley landscape, gazing at the sheeps, cows along the road trip.

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