Good Chance Popiah Eating House

Go to any hawker centres in the city, chances are you can find a Popiah stall (sometimes they are combined with Rojak too).

Popiah is something which I tend to eat as something light to fill the stomache when I had a not-so-satisfying meal or a meal which is not filling enough. But when I visit Good Chance Popiah Eating House, I can only eat Popiah for lunch and yet leaving the place with an extremely filled stomache~

Good Chance Popiah Eating House is located at  Blk 149 Silat Ave, #01-58. Their specialty is the Hokkien Popiah thou they also sells other Hokkien Zi Char dishes like fried mee, oyster eggs etc.

What makes this place interesting is customers need to roll their own popiah, meaning you can customise the proportion of ingredients you like to have in your own DIY popiah! I usually add on a plate of prawns (which is not included in the standard set). The standard set comes in small, medium or large size; comprises of a pot of stir-fried turnip, fresh bean sprouts, lettuce, coriander leave, crushed peanuts, shredded omelette, chilli, sweet sauce, garlic and the popiah skins.

Perhaps what makes eating popiah at Good Chance interesting is also the satisfaction you get when you successfully roll your own popiah without the skin tearing apart due to the juices from the turnip! I like to carefully arrange & roll mine to perfection =)

My grandparents are Hokkien and I was told that my dad grew up eating popiah as one of their staple meal as its cheap and filling (of cos w/o the luxurious ingredients we have now like prawns and even eggs)… My grandma would cook a pot of the turnip and the whole family would have popiah meals for both lunch & dinner?!….I suppose that’s why we actually see that 60-70% of their customers comprises of uncles & aunties~ of cos I belong to the 30-40% =P

But its good that is a place like Good Chance that serves Hokkien Popiah (the local version). I’m sure the popiahs in China or Taiwan are never the same as our local ones.

[Update in Nov 15]

Happen to passed by Jalan Besar and saw an outlet of Good Chance Popiah in New World Centre. Yippee…time to jio my lunch khakis for a visit~

No. 1 Jalan Berseh #01-15 New World Centre Singapore 209037

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