Pique Nique

Next time if someone ask if you wanna go “picnic”, better clarify…real picnic in the garden or the Pique Nique at Basement 1 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre?

Cos ever since shifting to my current place, going to Taka has been quite a hassle for me…I’ve reduced my visit to that part of Orchard from the “once-a-week” basis, to a “only when need to” basis…largely becos really no time to hang ard town to klkk just to update myself of the shop directory (gd to know where are the new stores, which shops closed)…haha..

After having my own plc…nd to do a lot of housework during weekends… =(

Not surprisingly, it took me so long to finally walk past Pique Nique (almost 3 or 4 mths since they opened). From far, based on the decor of the shop, I thought its another Scrapbooking shop if not for the cake display! The logo of Pique Nique is a typical scrapbook tag look, the paper bags are in colourful strips like scrapbook background paper! I’m sure the decor alone has scored points with a lot of young gers who are into scrapbooking hobby now.

I bought an Oreo cream cheese bar and a Chocolate Pudding Pie home. Thou I would like to enjoy the cake in the cafe (sip tea and sit in the whimsical, dreamy, slight victorian country styled cafe), I’m happy to bring home the very pretty paper bag!

I prefer the Oreo cream cheese bar than the Choco Pudding Pie as I felt that the Choco was slightly too bitter for me. The Oreo cream cheese bar was creamy and the cheese taste was well balanced.

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