After enjoying wonderful meals at another 2 of San Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurant 2011 earlier this year while on holiday trips, I finally made a booking at one of the best restaurants in the world located in our very own tiny island.

Iggy’s is indisputably Singapore’s best restaurant. They are ranked #27 in the San Pellegrino World’s Best Restaurant 2011, in fact its also 2010/2011 Miele Guide Asia’s Number One Restaurant.

We went for their Gastronomic Menu but changed a few ingredients in their original menu namely the Eel, Sanma & Piegon.

The layout at Iggy’s was very roomy, with sufficient space between each tables.  I’m so happy to be seated right outside the kitchen whereby I get to see the chefs plating the dishes. =)

The dinner started with a light snack, which is Iggy’s version of “Sushi”. Instead of rice, the filling is a light crunchy “biscuit” textured cracker. Its topped with (from left to right) Flounder and Caviar, another fish and chrysanthemum and last one was with beef.

Next we had the Gillardeau Oysterwakame, mascarpone, sea essence, cucumber and Oyster with Tomato respectively. The Gillardeau Oyster was light and refreshing.

Next was the Heirloom TomatoGazpacho, nasturtium, arbequina olive oil and Pea FlanSeaweed caviar, parmesan foam with pea puree and custard. The fresh mixture of tomatoes and sorbet immediately cleanse up the palate from the oyster taste left from the previous dish. Followed by the Sea UrchinCauliflower, abalone, shiso.

After tasting the treasures from the sea, we were then presented with ChlorophyllSea and Soil. Back in secondary biology lesson, we were taught that Chlorophyll gives leaves their green colour and allows plants to carry out photosynthesis…. hence I’m not surprised that this dish is simply Herbs & Greens. But what is special is that the dish is prepared without any seasoning as the chef wanted to present the greens in its most natural taste.

The Sanma in the menu was replaced with CapelliniSakura ebi, konbu, shellfish oil. I’m very pleased with the replacement as Capellini is one of the signature and popular dish at Iggy’s. The Sakura ebi are crunchy and the fine & al dente capellini were a perfect match accentuated by the shellfish oil which brought out the umami taste.

Pigeon was replaced with Wagyu FlankWasabi, brussel sprouts, ash as I recalled squab tasted like chicken meat and I would prefer steak anytime over pigeon. My slice of Char-grilled Wagyu Flank seem to be slightly tough & requires more chewing. We also had a Terrazas Andes Malbec and Two Paddocks Pinot Noir to pair with the beef.

The last 3 courses of the dinner: EpoissesYukon gold potato, winter black truffles, CantaloupeRaspberry, peppermint, Watermelonpepitas, goat’s cheese, milk ice-cream all are excellent!

The cheese with potato gratin is very well done, not too jelard although I cannot really smell the truffles. I also loved both the fruit desserts – cantaloupe and watermelon. Despite the caontaloupe scare in US now, I don’t mind trying it. The sweet cantaloupe soup mixed with the frozen raspberry gives an exciting sweet & sour taste! Very refreshing. For the 2nd dessert, I felt that it should be named goat’s cheese instead of watermelon as the fruit was rather bland after frozening. But I liked the texture of the frozen watermelon tasted with the creamy goat’s cheese.

After finishing our main meal, we even had the chance to take a photo with the team in their kitchen.

Last item was the Hinoki Chocolate Boxselection of home-made macaron, bon bon, nougat. As usual, I had 1 of each: Cherry Macaron, lemon truffle, cinnamon chocolate, 7% dark cocoa, carmel & nougat =) followed by coffee & tea.

We ended our dinner in about 3 hours, much faster than Attica & Amber for similar number of courses for tasting menu. Evidence of Singapore’s productivity? Hee…

[Updates: 22nd Nov 11]

Iggy’s was ranked Asia’s Top Restaurant again in Miele Guide 2011/2012!

[Updates on 26th Feb 13]

Iggy’s was ranked No. 9 at the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Our heartiest congratulations ~

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