We got a cake from a colleague who bought at Takashimaya Shopping Centre Basement 2. When I open the plastic bag and saw the box printed Juchheim, I didn’t recognise the confectionery brand untill I open the box and saw the round Baumkuchen cake inside. Then I remember that I had first tried the Juchheim Baumkuchen cake when I visited Japan in 2009~ At that time its still not available in Singapore yet. I didn’t know that they had opened a stall in Singapore recently.

The Baumkuchen cake – a traditional German cake, looks like our Kueh Lapis in Singapore except that Baumkuchen is round and is more buttery. However I felt that the ones in Japan are softer than the version I ate here.

We all know that hand-made Kueh Lapis are never cheap cos of the amount of work involved to layer the cake.

So for the price to buy a Baumkuchen, I think would rather buy sliced cakes from Flor Patisserie or Glace Patisserie…hee

[Updates on 3rd Dec 11]

Went taka, so manage to pass by the Juchheim store. The different coloured boxes used for different size of the cake, in terms of the “height”.

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