Steamed vs Roasted Chicken Rice

Collated 2 of my frequently visited lunch time chicken rice stalls (visit them almost on a weekly basis~)… other than the great food, the service is quite fast – despite the queue, and quite accessible if driving cos of carpark nearby.

Top: Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice (Margaret Drive)

Blk 159 Mei Chin Road
Closed on Mondays

The size of the chicken used is quite small, hence 2 person can comfortably finish 1/2 chicken. Tender meat with the salty sauce makes it yummy. The chilli sauce is great! I like my chilli to be mixed with garlic & dark soy sauce.  $13 for 1/2 chicken & 2 rice (the rice portion is also quite small).

2011-11-10 Chicken Rice Chilli

Bottom: Tong Kee Chicken Rice

Blk 3A Commonwealth Drive
Closed on Fridays

There’s a lot of famous Hainanese (Steamed) Chicken Rice in Singapore, so Tong Kee Chicken Rice is one of the rare ones whose speciality is Roasted Chicken Rice.  Coincidentally, they also originated from Margaret Drive Hawker Centre (same as Sin Kee). Sin Kee used to be on the 2nd floor while Tong Kee is on the 1st floor back at Margaret Drive. I’ve been eating their chicken rice for more than 20 years from the old boss till now manned by the son.

The roasted chicken remains pretty juicy (not dry) and tender even though its roasted and the salted sauce that they pour over the chicken is simply tasty~ The rice portion is also reasonably filling. Similarly, I liked their chilli sauce (my own concoction to add dark soy sauce).

So, here’s 2 excellent chicken rice stalls originated from Margaret Drive – “Lost & Found”!

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