First Grade Seafood Palace (Eng Seng Restaurant)

FINALLY get to eat the legendary Black Pepper Crab after my last failed attempt whereby we visited the place at ard 6.30pm on a weekend almost half a year ago and its SOLD OUT.

The First Grade Seafood Palace is located inside a coffeeshop called Eng Seng Restaurant at Still Road. The crab is legendary cos the Black Pepper sauce is finger-licking good but its also extremely difficult to eat there. Though it is best to call the place to place orders for the crabs, sometimes nobody picks up the phone when they are busy! If you want to travel there to try your luck, need to reach there by 5pm on weekends or 7pm on weekdays (they are closed on Wednesday) based on my experiences below.

Maybe I’ve been unlucky while trying to visit them. I’ve met with all sorts of situations:

(1) tried calling by 4pm on weekend, they not opened yet (suppose to open at 4.30pm)
(2) tried calling at 5pm on weekend, they still never pick up the phone…on occassions when we were eating there ard 5+pm, we heard the phone ringing very frequently…but they nv pick up cos too busy
(3) reached at 6.30pm on weekend, the crabs SOLD OUT…
(4) reached at 6.30pm on Wednesday, they are closed…

They seem to have a lot of regular customers who order takeaways. Cos there’s quite a few packed items place on the table near the counter and we keep seeing pple coming to wait & collect them…

I deemed that one has to be extremely determined to eat there…We were this time round… =)

Reached at 6.30pm on Friday evening…but the crabs are kinda small this week…the sauce is just as good as it has always been – salty and filled with strong peppery taste.

Ordered a vegetable & Hor Fun to fill our stomaches.

There’s no proper menu available there as its rattled off by the auntie taking orders.

Crabs (min 2 crabs cooked in 1 sauce) : Black Pepper / Chilli – I think the chilli ones not as unique as their Signature Black Pepper Crabs

Fried You-Tiao, Pork Ribs, Har-Lok (Prawns), Venison, Stir-Fired Vegs

Mee Goreng, Bee Hoon with Gravy, Hor Fun with Gravy

247 – 249 Joo Chiat Place
Tel: 6440 5560
Closed on Wednesday

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