Miz Japanese Restaurant [Relocated]

Had slight craving for Salmon Sashimi but dun feel like travelling far. So we went to Miz Japanese Restaurant near our plc. Upon entering and looking at their menu, it reminds me of Chikuwa Tei at Mohd Sultan.

Miz has a few set meals ranging around $25 in their dinner menu, but we decided to order their ala carte items instead.

Complimentary Edamame
Salmon Sashimi – thick & fresh
Chawamushi – with mushroom, chicken & prawn
Soft shell crab roll – I dun really like the rice used which is slightly damp & sticky
Cheese chicken cutlet – Filled with cheese & fried to a crisp =)
Grilled squid teriyaki – not sure what is the black coloured beans on top, but I tot the sauce has a gingerly taste

The place seems to be known for their value for money set lunches. It wasn’t that crowded when I visited the place for dinner. But I’m not complaining, since its an accessible place for me to curb my craving for jap food when I dun feel like travelling too far =)

7 Craig Road Singapore 089667

[Update in Apr 15]

Relocated to 17 Kampong Bahru Road Singapore 169347


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