The Plain [Closed]

Meeting a close pal to catch up (before we get too busy travelling for holidays at the year end), so I suggested going to “The Plain” for brunch.

Reached the cafe at around 2+pm and I wanted to get some light bites. The place is pretty filled up, we sat at the communal large table right at the end of the place. The cafe exudes a “arty” designer look, furnished with several iconic interior design pieces.

The service staff recommended to us 2 of the more popular items:

  • Darling’s eggs – poached eggs with ham, cheese & roma tomatoes on sourdough toast
  • Dean’s Breakfast – poached eggs on melted cheese & vegemite sourdough toast

Their all day breakfast comes in either half or full portion. We also ordered a hot & cold chocolate each. However the hot choco doesn’t compare to the ones I had in Melbourne as its not thick enough & not warm enough.

Luckily the poached egg is really well done, look at the runny yolk!

The All Day Breakfast menu is quite disappointing due to its limited options. I reckon their speciality is their poached eggs which was done to perfection. The selection is good enuf for light bites like I did today, but I would  prefer if there’s more side options & variety in the menu for me to truely enjoy my Sunday brunch.

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