Bluemist Cafe

Passed by Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar today and saw the signboard up. Bluemist Cafe? Wonder if its the one from the Amara Hotel Shopping Centre…

I certainly hope they are, cos I quite miss the old Blue Mist Cafe…

From the looks, seems like they’ll be ready for business soon. Will update again once they are opened.

[Updates on 28th Nov 11]

BlueMist is opened!

Their draught beer should be having a promotion now at $8.50 per pint. On tap – Heineken, Tiger, Erdinger and Guinness. We ordered their mixed platter which was quite worthy for ard $20.

Staff uses portable electronic devices to take orders now.

We sat at the extended area at the void deck. Can get slightly noisy when the area is filled due to the sound reveberation off the walls n ceiling. But its not too warm tx to e ceiling fans installed.

[Updates on 25th Apr 12]

Bluemist Cafe now have Kirin draft beer. =)

Luv their Grilled Salmon, one of the must-try dishes there!

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