Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, Genting Highlands

I’ve not visited Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant in Singapore, but when you are in Malaysia it just seemed like everything is much cheaper?! We visited Ah Yah Abalone Forum Restaurant when in Genting Highlands, located inside First World Plaza.

Had the RM$108++ per pax 6-course set dinner. Service was extremely efficient (in fact seems like more staff than customers), food was served very fast (I guess since its set dinner, a lot are pre-prepared?). In fact we finished our dinner within 30 mins…

Here’s the set:

1) Marinated Duck Breast & Pork Roll
2) Double-boiled Shark’s Fin w Black Chicken
3) Stewed 6PPC Fresh Abalone w Goose Web & Vegetable “Ah Yat” Style
4) Yam wrapped with Pork in BBQ sauce
5) Fried Rice w Abalone Sauce Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
6) Mango Pudding

Its quite worth it for the price (considering conversion to S$), but portioning is quite little – barely enough for big eaters. But it made one feel like a King with Sharks Fin & Abalone. Dun bare too high expectations for quality of the food thou…


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