Tiong Bahru take-away trip

Tiong Bahru food centre and the surrounding estate has lots of good food. But its a love & hate place for me. Its accessible from my place but inconvenient to go…cos its not exactly near to MRT, it has limited parking lots, its very cramp due to its single lane roads there…

Most of the nice food at Tiong Bahru are only available for lunch…and given the long wait to 1) park car 2) queue for food 3) look for a table that’s hopefully right under the fan…kinda challenging for me…Most of time the sweltering heat dissuaded me from making my way there…

Too bad, I had such a strong strong craving for my favourite Jian Bo Chwee Kueh (in Tiong Bahru Food Centre) that I made an arduous journey there. I must admit the Chwee Kueh was pretty oily…the preserved radish was so finely chopped that it lost the crunchiness since a couple of years ago (when there was a period of time whereby preserved radish was banned or limited in supply in SGP). But I still enjoy the texture of their Chwee Kueh and their chilli paste! The aroma of Chwee Kueh was so distinct that I can recognise it by the smell.

Anyway since I’ve made my way to Tiong Bahru, I decided to make full use of the trip and visit a few other food stall/places nearby which I have yet to try before.

One of the stops was the Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice at Blk 57 Eng Hoon Street (diagonally opposite the food centre). Trying to beat the lunch crowd, I reached at 11.55am but sad to see a snaking long queue outside the corner coffeeshop! There were about 12 customers in the queue before me…hmm…why do these people manage to get to lunch so early???

I waited 20mins for my turn but while queuing I’m evaluating whether to dine-in there…Such a tiny coffeeshop with limited indoor seats, most outdoor seats were located along the side road where cars passes by; its a warm & hot day,  frankly I’ve lost half my appetite when I got my food…so I decided to order take-away.

Pork chop was a favourite at the stall judging from the orders from the customers in front of me. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of pork chops. Instead I ordered squid, prawns and cabbage costing ard $5.70…(more ex than my fav stall in Telok Blangah – see my post below). The curry was not spicy at all, cabbage chunks are slightly too big pieces for my liking, squid was pretty ok – soft yet chewy.

Went to another great new find – Drips Bakery & Cafe to take-away some pastries. The cafe has a bright and chic decor which allows take-away of pastries and also a seating area for customers to enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea. I bought their Cinnamon Apple Tart and the Mango-Raspsberry Tart. Other than looking pretty, the fruits used for the tarts tasted pretty fresh and juicy as well. The tarts doesn’t taste mushy, it has a dry & firm crust. Absolutely fantastic! =)

Overall I’m glad I made this trip and discovered new places in Tiong Bahru. But I doubt I’ll be visiting the estate very often due to the inconvenience in getting there…Even for take-aways, its difficult to find a place for the driver to wait in the car while we get off to make our purchases… =(

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