Kraze Burgers

Visited the Kraze Burgers joint at Marina Bay Sands – near the MBS foodcourt & the ice-skating rink. But I think I first saw the Liang Court outlet.

Lucky we manage to beat the lunch crowd and didn’t need to queue to get in. There was a crowd later cos many were at MBS to collect their Standard Chartered Marathon goodie bag that day…we were surrounded by many enthusiatic runners who were game enough to sacrifice their sunday morning sleep to go for a mass jog…

Initially I was under the impression that this was an America burger joint, but soon realised after visiting their website that they originated from South Korea.

We ordered one K.B Original Set (left) and The Matiz Set (right) which comes with fries and a soft drink of our choice. Lunch Set is available from 12 to 2.30pm (not valid on weekends & PH).

K.B Original – 100% Pure Beef Patty, one slice of cheese, lettuce, fresh tomato slice, fresh onion slice, chili sauce, homemade pickles on a freshly Baked Bun.

Matiz –  100% Pure Beef Patty, Grilled onion marinated in Special Kraze BBQ sauce, with American cheese, bacon,homemade pickles, fresh tomato slice and lettuce.

The ingredients of the burger were nicely tiered and was such an eye-pleaser!!! 100 marks for Looks. I liked the beef patty which has a nice sauce. The burger wasn’t too oily and the bun was light and fluffy.

Overall the burger quality was better than those served in fast food joints, of cos the pricing also higher than fast food joints…But bear in mind that they are NOT fast food joint so need to wait a little for the burgers…I would only rate them 5.5 out of 10 in terms of value-for-money thou the burger tasted pretty ok.

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