Was recommended by a friend to try Yonehachi located at Basement 2 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre. After my shopping trip, I went to queue at the Yonehachi stall for my dinner.

I first tasted Okowa rice during my visit to Arima Grand Hotel (in 2009 below). They served the “celebration rice” known as “Sekihan (red rice)” to us – bottom right hand box. It is a special dish which served to cerebrate festivals, weddings, birthday, longevity, passing of exam., new construction, graduation, entry of school, etc. I really liked it, it was sweet and rice texture was memorable!

Glad I can try good Okowa rice again at Yonehachi. There was a pretty long queue but it moved quite fast thou there’s limited seats. We ordered a Chicken Teriyaki Set w Salmon Okowa and a Fried Oyster Set w Christmas Okowa. The Christmas Okowa is a seasonal item for Xmas till 26th Dec.

Personally, I enjoyed the Salmon Okowa more than the Christmas one, cos the Salmon Okowa was less moist and more savoury. For those who like sweet flavored rice might prefer the original Red Bean one.

The Fried Oysters were better than the Chicken Teriyaki as the crumbs coating the oyster was well-fried and crispy. The light yellow coloured stuff next to it was something like Egg Mayonaise sauce.

Thou the Shokado set comes with Miso Soup, pickles, simmered vegetables; frankly, next time I would just purchase the Okowa take-away without the need to order set cos the rice alone was tasty enough on their own!

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