Bonheur Patisserie [Relocated]

Xmas is near and its evident from the display of christmas cakes in bakery stores!

Went to Bonheur Patisserie hoping to get some cakes for breakfast. End up buying their Christmas Series Cakes.

Clockwise from top:

  • White Christmas* – Walnut Dacquoise, Vanilla Sponge, Light “Vanilla Tea” Which Choc Mousse and Pear Mousse with Pear Bits. Coated in White Choc spray.
  • Reindeer Chocolate Hazelnut Tart – An innovative design which was their Valrhona Chocolate Tart in disguise~
  • Buche Noel* – Chocolate Roulade, Dark Choc Whipped Ganache, Raspberry Jam, Raspberry Jelly and Dark Choc Almond Streusel. Coated with Light Choc Buttercream. My fav among the 4, liked the raspberry fruit bits inside which was very nice!
  • Starry Night – Caramel Mousse, 2 layers of Cinnamon Sponge, Aple Mousse with Apple Bits and Sable base. Coated in caramel dark choc glaze.

*White Christmas & Buche Noel are available as full log cake.

Relocated to: 200 Turf Club Road #02-06/02-K63

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