Meii Sushi – [Relocated]

Have been passing by this small eatery nestled at the void deck of Blk 7 of Tanjong Pagar Plaza on several occassions. Its mysterious exterior that is cladded with almost opaque glass panels and a dark sliding door made this place seems kinda daunting to visit. Almost as if they “DO NOT WELCOME” visitors….My initial guess was this would be an exclusive place catering to a niche group of Japanese who would appreciate authentic Japanese cuisine.

Decided to visit this place – Meii Sushi, after a colleague of mine tried their set lunch and confirmed that this place is open for normal guests…haha…joking. Went to try this place near my hse since I got craving for sake. Surprisingly the place was empty that night! =)

We ordered a Sashimi Set ($30) and a Sushi Set ($30).

The set comes with Asari Miso Soup and an appetiser of Lobster Salad which were both very nice. Liked them! The sashimi were fresh and of the right thickness.

There isn’t much of atmosphere to comment about the place. It just a small cozy eatery with simple Japanese styled decor. I took a quick snap of the bar counter after finishing my dinner and was paying for my bill at the cashier counter. But after snapping I saw the chef had tried to stop me from taking photo of the decor – later I read elsewhere that he is camara shy…hence I mosiac-ed him in the photo..

[Old Address] Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar #01-108
11am-2.30pm/ 5pm-10.30pm. Closed on Sundays

[Updates in Jun 2012]

Heard they had shifted to International Plaza at 10 Anson Road. But I haven’t been there to verify yet.

[Updates in Apr 2013]

Managed to visit IP and confirmed they have relocated there on Level 2, #02-54.

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