Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Vancouver

We hadn’t planned to try a Dim Sum place in Vancouver but a friend recommended a place called Sun Sui Wah on the last day of our trip. Unfortunately, the place only opens at 10am and we got a plane to catch at noon.

Tempted by the thought of being able to try a nice chinese restaurant in the city, we squeezed all the time we had to wake up early and make our way to another relatively popular place – Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant, which opens at 9am. We reached the place at around 8.55am and there was  a small crowd of people outside the door waiting for the restaurant to open its door. Luckily, the place was large enough and we managed to get a table.

In order to reach the airport in time, we only had 1 hour to finish our Dim Sum breakfast. So we ate most of our food order in a relatively hurried pace and it didn’t helped that we underestimated the food portion…Each of the dishes looked rather gigantic…I swear they were much larger than those we had in Singapore…Look at the size of the Siew Mai in the Bamboo Steamer~ It filled every inch of space available.

Most of the dishes tasted great! I liked the Steamed Pork Ribs and Chicken Feet in Black Bean Sauce. Well marinated.

The Egg Tarts, Siew Mai, Rice Roll and Fried Prawn Dumplings were all authentic HK styled items.

Disappointing items were the Shanghai Style Pork Dumplings – too soggy & mushy; and the Rice roll wrapped around fried dough (Zha Liang).

Overall, it was a good recommendation. I am glad we didn’t give this place a miss despite our tight schedule! Of cos, we made it to the airport in time~ Yippie….

4989 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC

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