Shunjuu Izakaya

Have been jogging by this place so often but didn’t had the chance to visit them until recently. In fact there was one Friday evening when I passed by and saw that this place was packed, which prompted me to put this place on my “To Visit” list.

Shunjuu Izakaya is a Japanese drinking establishment which serves mainly char-grilled food and has a variety of drinks available (sake, beer, shochu etc).

There are 2 sections, indoor or outdoor but most of the tables are outdoor and beside the Singapore River. Its a nice place for people to meet, gather, have some drinks and chit-chat.

The main attraction of the restaurant is of cos the Sake choices available. There is detailed description in the menu on the alcohol percentage, region, tasting notes of each sake to guide customers on which Sake to choose.

We had 2 bottles of Sake, 1 hot & 1 cold sake with lots of companion food. Other than having a whole lot of skewered food, we also tried the sashimi, grilled squid and I was impressed with their garlic fried rice! Rich garlic taste, solid rice grains and fried to a nice fragrance! Highly recommended!

A nice place to go for the occasional indulgence of good sake with nice char-grill, not your everyday meal as it can add up to be quite costly.

For us each bottle of sake averaged $60, with food the total meal added up to close to $100 per pax.


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