CoCo Ichibanya (Singapore)

CoCo Ichibanya opened in Singapore with much hype of being the famous Japanese Curry restaurant from Nagoya. I guessed its biggest selling point was to allow guests to customise their curry in terms of curry flavour, spiciness and rice portion. But I was drawn to their omelette curry rice instead, which sadly cannot be customised.

Given the relatively small dining area and limited seats, I suppose there is bound to have a queue most of the time. For me the waiting time wasn’t that long, about 15 mins on a Friday night.

We ordered the set meal which comes with an appetizer, curry rice and drinks. Had a Cream Mushroom Omelette Curry and a Fried Chicken Omelette Curry.

I quite liked the Cream Mushroom Omelette but it would be good if they had been more generous in the amount of mushrooms… only a tiny bit on top… =( For the omelette curry rice, the level of spiciness is not indicated but I didn’t really feel that it tasted spicy at all. Maybe most of the other curry rices which I had tried before includes carrots, potatoes etc in the curry sauce, personally I felt that the curry was kinda plain without the additional ingredients.

Didn’t really liked the Fried Chicken pieces, it tasted kinda hard.

Even for the omelette curry rice, I would appreciate if they could let customers choose to have a reduced sized portion and more variety of companion items. I would luv if I could have for e.g Seafood Omelette Curry Rice or Ebi Tempura Omelette Curry Rice?!

For me the place doesn’t seem to live up to the hype, though the standard and quality can be considered value-for-money for japanese curry rice.

P.S Comparatively I would prefer another curry rice restaurant called Mr Curry which used to operate in Central but has sadly closed. Now only left the Marina Square branch which I haven’t tried eating there before.

Coco Ichibanya Singapore
313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road, #B3-25/27

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