Greenhouse Dinner Buffet & Champagne Brunch @ Ritz Carlton Hotel

Heard a lot about Greenhouse‘s Sunday vintage champagne brunch, but I prefer to go on Saturday night for their Seafood Buffet Dinner instead. Cos I would probably be drunk by noon if I go for the brunch…

They listed different menus on their website for different days, so the theme and variety would differ on weekends. But it seemed like the list of dishes were not comprehensive, there were definitely more dishes available than those listed.

Not sure if there was any dress code to dine here but I certainly saw people in shorts & berms w slippers, likely to be hotel guests? So dining there was a pretty casual affair.

Knowing that there was a large selection of seafood, we ordered a bottle of Chardonnay for our meal. Actually there was also free flow of alcohol at additional $42 per pax if one prefers to have a selection of house pour red/white, beer, hard liquor etc.

Good that we had a nice bottle of white wine as one of my favourite stations was the Seafood on Ice other than the Dessert station. =)

From the Seafood on Ice there were: Oysters, Chilled Tiger Prawns, Mussels, Red Claw Yabbies, Crab, the website wrote Scallops too but I couldn’t find them there…

Unfortunately the Salmon Sashimi was disappointing cos of the way they were sliced…they were in bits and wasn’t sliced in the correct direction of the grain. It was such a waste of the salmon and resulting in poor texture when chewing them.

The cooked seafood was equally good with Poached Lobster and Drunken Prawns.

The hot selection was disappointing. Despite having quite a bit of selection, the dishes weren’t well executed. Many of them wasn’t really tasty and wasn’t kept warm enough.

After the disappointing hot selection, luckily the Dessert station manage to let me end my dinner on a wonderful note. I’m impressed and absolutely luv the Chocolate Cake! Fantastic! I wish I could it is available off the shelf from Greenhouse chef whenever I wish to eat it in future…

The cube shaped chocolate covered with hazel nut cake with an ice-cream stick (looks like Magma ice cream) was also very rich in chocolate. Equally delicious and heavenly was the apple crumble-liked dessert in the globe glass. For those who like more citrus dessert, the lime or lemon meringue tart would be able to satisfy those taste buds.

I couldn’t ID the name of the desserts and cakes as there wasn’t any labels for those items which I mentioned. But according to one of the friendly staff, he mentioned that the dessert items on the 2nd tier of the station were made by the chef and were star items of the restaurant.

As it was rather crowded on a Saturday night, I think there weren’t sufficient service staff to clear our plates fast enough nor to pay sufficient attention to diners.

Overall it was no doubt that Greenhouse still remained as one of the better quality buffet dinners around.

[Updates on 15th Jul 12]

Went for their Sunday Champagne Brunch. Food range was similar to the dinner buffet but they had more seafood dishes: more variety of Oysters (I tried at least 6-8 types), Lobster, Pan Seared Foie Gras, Scallop.

Other than the Moet & Chandon Rose and Imperial, they also had free flow wines and cocktails available.

Fantastic meal~

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