TWG Tea Salon

Today took leave to take a break from work, hence got time to visit TWG Tea Salon at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) to enjoy afternoon tea.

There were 2 TWG outlets in MBS and I had to ask the concierge for directions to the places. The first one which I passed by was the “TWG Tea on the Bridge” but I skipped that cos it seemed small and very exposed to the skylights above. I went to the “TWG Tea Garden” instead which seemed to have a larger seating capacity and not so crowded. =)

Ordered the CHIC set which comes with finger sandwiches and scones. Had to top-up $3 for the tea of my choice – Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling.  I’m glad I made the right choice – it tasted so well that I ordered 1 more pot ($14) after finishing the 1st one!!! Its a very light tea which could be drank plain.

Luv the whipped cream which came with the Raisin Scones, it was a wonderful combination. The scones weren’t too dry nor too hard, and were baked perfectly!

Two of the sandwiches had tea infused cream or sauces in them – which was pretty unique. Allowed me to experience different tea tastes. Personally I quite like how the Silver Moon Tea infused cream tasted.

Spent abt to 2 hours sitting at TWG and enjoying my afternoon tea…I wish I could do this more often…but it can be quite an indulgence…

Comparatively seems like its more worthy going for high tea in London…

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