House of Seafood @ 180

The chefs from House of Seafood were supposedly from the First Grade Seafood Palace (Eng Seng Restaurant) in Joo Chait which made the most unique Black Pepper Crab. famous. They also branded themselves as being voted the “Best Pepper Crab” in Singapore. So we made our way to Serangoon area to try them out.

We visited the branch opposite Serangoon Stadium as there were ample parking there. Reached at around 6pm and there were still available table (outdoor) without reservation.

The crab dishes were available in Small – 1.1kg to 1.3kg, Medium – 1.4kg to 1.6kg and Large – more than 1.6kg. Being greedy eaters who wanted to try as many variety as possible, we ordered all Small crabs but in 3 different ways!

Black Pepper Crab (signature dish)
Chilli Crab
Salted Egg Yolk Crab

We also ordered a veg and Bamboo Clams with Garlic as companion dishes.

Now for the review of the stars – crab dishes.

  • Black Pepper Crab – tasted really quite similar to the one at Joo Chiat, but I wished the chef can be more generous with the gravy. There wasn’t much left on the plate for us to dip or savour the tasty gravy. Crab was fresh, meat was firm and easily detached from the shell.
  • Chilli Crab – nice balance of sweetness and spicyness. Remember to order the fried “Man Tou” to dip in the egg-laced gravy.
  • Salted Egg Yolk Crab – slight disappointment for me on their take of this dish. I was expecting deep fried crab in salted egg yolk (like the ones at Mellben) but their salted egg yolk was more gravy liked. The gravy’s galard-ness got to us soon…as it was very thick and milky.

My fav dish was the Black Pepper Crab. Would likely go back to enjoy the dish again, as they seem to be more accessible (as in predictable in availability of crabs as compared to the illusive Eng Seng Restaurant at Joo Chiat)…

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