La Cicalas [Closed]

La Cicala is a Spanish Gastro Bar which serves wide variety of Tapas and is located in Club Street. The place looks relatively empty when we arrive close to 8pm but was told that the tables were all reserved. Hence we had to take the high chair seats outside the restaurant along the five-foot way. They sure seemed to be a popular place…

Tapas are meant to be pre-dinner snacks to be served with drinks. Instead of the typical Sangria, La Cicala featured gin cocktails as their signature drinks.

The tapas can be ordered as ala carte dishes or as 6 items tapas tasting set ($68) which is more value-for-money. Anyway the tapas dish portions are usually bite-sized, hence no problem finishing them!

Here’s what we tried:

From top left in clockwise:

  1. Gambas ajillo (Sauteed fresh shrimp with garlic, herbs & sherry wine sauce) – one of the best dishes I tried out of the 6 items.
  2. Maitake mushroom (char grilled wild oak dancing mushroom with truffle salt) – its the brownish item in the background. Frankly its just grilled mushroom…
  3. Some chicken with potato dish which I didn’t capture the name… – more potato than meat =(  thou the sauce was quite tasty
  4. Chopitos (mediterranean deep fried baby squid with saffron tartar sauce) – akin to soft soft crab but its squids. Great to pair with tartar sauce.
  5. Tortilla clasica (classical spanish omelette with potatos & onions) – filled with potatos inside
  6. Albondigas (char grilled slow broiled iberic pork ball) – nice but just seems to me its expensive yakitori pork balls…

The place was totally packed by around 9pm, filled by mostly well-dressed foreigners arriving by taxis (for late dinner?).  P.S – Traffic can get pretty congested at Club Street as its a two-way single lane street…

Anyway, by then its about time for us to leave and not continue to hog the table. Total bill added up to around $120 for 2 drinks and a tapas tasting…as pre-dinner snacks..hmm…. not exactly something I would indulge in every week…

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