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Have heard of this relatively new bar/pub in Tiong Bahru area (Yong Siak street) for sometime but wasn’t sound interesting enough to lure me there. However the place hit the headlines for the wrong reason (patrons being too noisy and affecting nearby residents) and made me curious enough to pay them a visit.

Ordered their Archipelago Belgian Wit Beer (draught beer), Mushroom Soup and Seafood Spaghetti.  The spaghetti wasn’t tasty but still acceptable. The soup was pretty thick.

I didn’t had the chance to try their finger food, but I sure hope its better than the main I’ve tried.

The ambience of the place was more like a cafe which (by-the-way) carried alcoholic beverages. Its not exactly a “bar” place – its doesn’t serve beer in jugs – a sign that they only expect their customers to be there for meal plus a beer to go along??

Overall its a cool, chic place – no loud music nor rowdy crowd (at least while we were there, the clientèle looks mostly working class people). Perhaps there’s a different genre of customers who got rowdy after some drinks and disrupted the quietness of the neighbourhood?

11 Yong Siak Street
Closed on Tue *we learnt from experience….*

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