Akashi Japanese Restaurant

There was a time where conveyor belt sushi was very popular in Singapore. It served its purpose of allowing students like me back then to enjoy sushi at affordable prices.

Now I wished that there is a Sushi Craze which would spur restaurateurs to open more mid-level quality sushi restaurants. Found Akashi Japanese Restaurant‘s Orchard Parade Hotel (OPH) outlet after we saw their Vivo City one. Decided to visit the original shop at OPH. Reservation seems to be a must, as we had to wait for more than 1.5 hours (from 7.30pm till 9pm) for our seating on a Friday night. We wandered off for a pre-dinner drink before returning. But the wait was worth it! I would definitely be back again next time (with reservations). =)

After some pre-dinner food and at 9+pm (shouldn’t be eating too much after 8pm), its a pity that I couldn’t stomach more food at Akashi. We ended up ordering a modest number of dishes just so that we could assess their food quality.

Service was prompt. After we were seated, the waitress handed us hot towels (something which is getting rare in Sgp) and served a plate of Edamame and an Otoshi (forced appetizer) to each diners. The otoshi we had was seasoned seaweed or something of sorts. Nice starter.

We ordered Pi-Tan Tou Fu (cold dish) which was bite size…but it tasted great! The taste of the preserved duck egg was very subtle and well-balanced with other ingredients.

Next was the Salmon Sashimi, which was thickly sliced and tasted fresh. The highlight of our dinner were the Aburis – Foie gras and Uni / Omi Gyu / Aburi Shake Belly. 

They were all Fan-tastic! Foie gras and Uni was exquisite combination, Omi Gyu beef that melts in your mouth and Shake Belly which was seared to a nice “done-ness”.

We also ordered a Kani Tsume (Deep Fried Claw of the Crab), which was the only slight disappointment we had for our meal as the crab meat was slightly dry from the frying. Didn’t retained its succulence after the frying.

Other side dishes which we had were satisfying as well: Chawanmushi and Asari Miso Soup.

Great & satisfying food but could hurt the wallet quite a bit…but good for a slight indulgence. Of cos there’s the option of  ordering their Set Meal which were the more standard items like Don/Chasoba sets etc to save some $.

1 Tanglin Road
#01-01A Orchard Parade Hotel
Singapore 247905
Tel: 6732 4438

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