Cafe Jemme, Bali

Cafe Jemme was one of the restaurants I had shortlisted to try on my previous visit to Bali last year but we ended up forgoing them for Sarong Restaurant instead. So this year, we attempted to visit them.

The restaurant was almost empty when we reached by around 6.30pm. There was option of taking an indoor seat or the outdoor ones which oversees a padi field. Unfortunately the rice crops were already near to harvesting, so the view was somewhat similar to seeing hays in the field…and with the engine sound of cars passing by the main road…the atmosphere was not “idyllic”…

Given the warm weather, we decided to stay indoors instead and I felt that the ambience was better.

We were served a complimentary starter of Sambal Tomato Bruschetta. We then ordered a Mixed Plate of entrees, Lobster and Prawn Thermidore – Half a lobster simply served with cheesy mash and side salad, Bintang Marinated Fillet of Beef  – On sauted herbed potato with slow roasted tomato & cabernet juice. I ended my meal with a chocolate chunk ice cream.

The mixed platter was not exactly impressive, I can’t recall any specific item which I enjoy in particular. The lobster and prawn thermidore was pretty standard, but not baked enough for the cheese to form a crispy layer on top. The sauce and side dishes for the beef fillet was pretty nice, but my piece of beef was slightly tough & not tender enough for my taste.

I ordered a chocolate chunk ice cream to end my meal, tempted by the word “choc chunk” but it turned out to be plain chocolate ice cream only…

Overall it was a decent restaurant to have a decent meal. It wasn’t cheap thou…Given the similar pricing to Sarong Restaurant nearby, I would prob return to Sarong than Cafe Jemme…

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